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FSN 132
Joanne Mc Neish

Charmain yes -20 years in marketing - business is very competitive, so many levels to pursue; figure out what side of the business you want to work and and focus on that - get your foot in the door – volunteer, even retail is great because it exposes you to how a business works; internships – magazines, and big brands like Joe Fresh have great internships - perception (glamour) vs reality - you need to work HARD, everyone is your competitor - you are not in a worthless degree – education is your greatest weapon - PR is the biggest umbrella for all communication - French Connection makes sure theyre featured in as many magazines etc as possible - social media – not pushy or aggressive and not always promoting there stuff (giveaways); talk to people who live the lifestyle of targeted market etc - Steven Marks – founder 40 years ago - FCUK – scandyyy, cheeky ;)  built this 20 years after brand was founded - tired of fcuk – changed image
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