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Ryerson University
FSN 221
Julia Scalzo

FSN221 ReviewCH13 requirements to see colorAn objectA light source An observerSpectrometer device that measures reflected or transmitted lightColorimeter instrument or device that measures shade tint value brightness and purityColorimetry measurement or analysis by means of a colorimeterThe colour you see depends on the intensity and wave lengths of light that illuminate the object reflect or are transmitted by the objectGreen objects absorb red and blueWhitereflects all lightBlack absorb all lightROYGBIV700nm650600550450 400Rods brightnessCones colour Responsible for daylight visionDemocritus believed perceived world was just illusory experience behind which existed another immense inconceivably deep atomic worldPlato emphasized the observer described color as a sensation perceived by an observerAlbert Munsell Munsell System of Color Notation 1915 identified color in terms of hue value and chroma 5 primaries RYGBP IntermediatesYRGYBGPBRP5R 412hue is 5Rred value is 4 chroma is 12Additive color mixtures derived from beams of colored light RGBW RGY GBcyan BRmagentaSubstractive color mixtures when pigments paints and dyes are layered or mixed RYBblackThe colours that are not absorber by an object are reflected from the surfaceChapter 2Color is due to the reflection or absorption of light striking the surface of an object The light reflected is interpreted by the mind as colorA green object reflects green light Both the red andblue light wavelengths are absorbed The only wavelength reflected is green which is received by the color receptors in our eyesSir Isaac Newton demonstrated that white light is truly a mixture of all colored lights ROYGBIV2 approaches to color the visceral emotional romantic and the cerebralintellectual scientificHUE the name of a color10 major hues 5 primary 5 intermediate RYGBPYRGYGBPB RPVALUE lightness of a color 0black 9 white
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