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FSN 223

Fashion Concepts Week 7 3/6/2013 1:24:00 PM Intersectionality-Kimberle Crenshaw- 1989 No laws for black women at work, insurance (gender and race) 1. Our identity is multi-dimensional 2. Our identity is comprised of all our different identity categories 3. Each identity category intersects and interacts to form our complete identity People with disabilities Queering identities Queer theory Judith Butler Challenges that one identity category is naturally connected to another ASSIGNMENT 1. description what can you observe about the object? Dimension,materials,year/period Use labels and care tags Tape measures and magnifying glass 2. deduction interpret your interaction with the object engage in sensory experience what would the object be like to wear how does the object compare to others (not in the wardrobe, but with others in the same category) 3. speculation relate the object to history, society, culture ask questions and use research to answer what does the object say about..? (marketing, history of the garment) Part 1: introduction and close reading 1.introduce wardrobe, owner, key themes -explain category that is different from me general aesthetic of wardrobe 2. select one garment or accessory 3.perform a close reading(refer to figures-add pictures) “as seen in figure 1 blah blah..” 4. use at least
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