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FSN 223

Weeks 12 4/10/2013 12:10:00 PM Miss representation - movie The Politics of Fashion Mao Suit Capitalism, suits, uniformity, chinese nationalism People protested against suit,people wanted individuality What are other examples of fashion in authoritative politics? World war 2 germany, Saudi Arabia, Anti-established politics 1)group seeking political.cultural change 2) group takes the form of a.ideology b.subculture c.political movement Punks Identity politics 1) self identified group 2)shaped by peoples identity categories 3)marginalized and oppressed Colonialism, Europe, huge role in identity politics Post colonialism – regain control of country Hybridity/Glocalization Diaspora in west- public and private How do people combine western… Caribbean fashion week –picture- Do you think “ethnic” fashion weeks advance identity politics? Industry Politics 1)politics surrounding fashion issues production distribution consumption Employment conditions-sweatshops in LA Community organizing what else can be done to eliminate sweatshops in the fashion industry? Model size legislation 1.2006-madrid government (first, specific body mass to catwalk) 2. 2006-italian government (medical note) 3. 2008 french government (advertising) 4. 2009 quebec government (series of 7 principles, one of them to promote diversity 5. 2013 israeli government is legislation an effective strategy to 1)combat eating disorders and 2)increase diversity in fashion? EXAM 60 questions lectures and related in textbooks speakers and film no statistics, will have key dates 1)the fashion impulse differenvce between fashion and dress 3 elements of fashion impulse
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