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FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

Aesthetics: artistic trends and movements, regimes of good taste and appreciation, a critical appreciation of artistic values and conventions, contemporary notions of beauty, apprehension through the senses Aglet: cladding wrapped around the end of a ribbon (shoelaces) used to tie sleeves to bodice or doublet Androgyny: the combination of references to masculine and feminine gender to convey through dress and behavior overtly effeminate and masculine traits which are blurred. Terms such as “butch” and “queen” are used to denote it Anti-establishment: movements, styles or trends that explicitly oppose or challenge established cultural norms and conventions, oppositional politics or political movements, or change-oriented or revolutionary philosophies or identities Art Deo: an artistic style that began in the 1910’s with Paul Iribe’s style of illustrating the fashion designs of Paul Poiret. The name was coined for the 1925 Expositions Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, which heralded the modernist movement. Art deco was an eclectic fusion of the styles of different cultures and periods, marked by purity of line borrowed from neoclassicism and Orientalism. Art Nouveau: a European decorative art form in the 1880’s and 1890’s, expressed particularly in architecture, interior design, furniture design, posters, glasswork, jewelry, and fabric design, characterized by distinctive graceful curved lines Bra: a garment designed as an undergarment to cup and support the breasts, usually with shoulder straps, and fastenings with hook and eyes at the back, also called a brassiere Breeches: knee-length pants worn by men, usually fitted and fastened just below the knee. Members of the middle and upper classes generally wore them during the late sixteenth through the early 19 centuries Burkini: a modified form of swimwear designed to ensure modestly for female Muslims. It consists of a tunic over leggings with long sleeves and a hood. Originating in Australia, now global Bustier: a long-line brassiere Camisole: a short sleeveless undergarment like a vest with thin stripes Camlet: fabric from camel or fur angora wool Capitalism: a private production system based on private property, the use of waged labor, and profit created by entrepreneurialism that is inherently inequitable Capri Pants: three-quarter pants first designed by Emilio Pucci in 1949 on the island of Capri in Italy. They were popularized by Hollywood actresses such as Audrey Hepburn. Variations are pedal pushers and clam diggers Cargo Pants: three-quarter pants popularized in the 1990’s, originally made in lightweight khaki-colored cotton, featuring external pockets with accordion folds in the side and flaps that are secured by buttons, press-studs, or Velcro. Cargo pants are derived from the styling of military trousers Celebrity: a high profile person (often in sports or entertainment) who attracts excessive media visibility and whose private life becomes more important than his or her professional life and achievements; a larger-than-life public figure Chemisette: a piece of lightweight fabric that covers or fills in a low bodice or décolletage Chemise: simple dress-like undergarment with sleeves, much like a petticoat, worn by women. Made from fine cotton, linen or silk Cheongsam: a tight-fitting embroidered silk A-line sheath with a high collar that opens at the front via a diagonal slit to the underarm and is fastened with satin knot buttons and loop (cf a toggle); also called qipao. It may
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