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Lecture 1 The Fashion Impulse Dress vs Fashion vs Style Dress: all ornamentation on the body – hair, shoes, tattoos, jewelry, piercing, shoes, clothing Fashion: prevailing custom of dress; it is collective (a group of people have this); time limited (not necessarily short) Style: a combination of factors, silhouette, details, fabric – often personalized to an individual Fad vs Trend vs Classic Fad: short term style; usually just one season Classic: a style that has lasted for an indefinite amount of time Trend: the direction that a fashion or style is heading Anti-fashion vs Fashionable Anti-fashion: an outfit of a particular style that is outside of fashion (ana del rousseau) Fashionable: a style that conforms to fashion 3 Fashion Elements 1. Fashion is a system of communication (displays our gender, personality etc; clothes function as symbols – these symbols change between culture and over time ex the color pink: le sapers, homosexuals, versace suit) 2. Fashion helps us define ourselves as individuals and group members (as we try to look distinctive, we also model ourselves off of a group, black is a go to for many people – some choose it for ease and safety, but some also for personality – elegance etc) 3. The essence of fashion is change (fashion has to be something about change which makes it unique from other cultural practices) The Fashion Impules “Constantly changing clothing coades and s
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