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FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

Clothing / Object Analysis – A Suggested Methodology When scholars examine objects or artifacts, including dress and accessories, the study is called material culture. There are many academic sources on this topic including a dedicated journal, the Journal of Material Culture which you can search. Description This stage asks for a clear, concise description of the object. What are the physical dimensions and features of the piece? What colour, shape, size is it? How is it constructed and which materials have been used? Is the item complete or is it a fragment? Has the object ever been altered, adapted or repaired? Because you have access to the object this is the time to get out tape measure, magnifying glass, sketching materials, etc and to take several CLEAR photographs of it. Deduction This stage involves a more open reflection on the interaction between the object and the perceiver. What would it be like to wear? How does it compare with other examples? Is it typical? What does it reveal about the owners’ taste, their wealth, their status and aspirations, their social customs and behaviour? Speculation Finally, the process of analysis leads to broader questions which reflect both on the material nature of clothing itself and its status in history and culture. This stage is whe
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