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Ryerson University
FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

Theories week 9 Grant McCracken – Meaning Transfer Conlutrally Constituted World (society)(adverting)  Consumer Goods  Individual consumer Three places of cultural meaning Roles of the fashion system 1. Transfer meaning from culture to goods 2. Invents new cultural meaning Done through a. designers (who reflect or create) b. journalists/social obserbers (can classify as original or trivia, whether it will endure or be a fad fashion can reflect or invent culture robin givhan – says fashion reflects culture -- fashion can invent or create culture – and can change – but change is difficult -- Pressure of Fashion Design - we think of it as the core of the industry – the “fun, glamorous” job - reality is different and doesn't change even if you are at the top - fashion designers cant take a break, they cant just say “oh im not going to design for fall 2012” - there is a pressure to always present something new - pressures come from working for a label and your own personal style - creative pressure: fashion industry run my multi million companies – designers can be fired over a bad collection – have to balance whats current, with the future, with the past! – it needs to sell, ppl wont want something that's tooo old or tooo new - business pressures: the marketing and promotion – they have to communicate the brand; the designer has to think “how can they enhance the buyer” a challenge - pressures because they have to make multiple lines a year - nonstop fashion cycle: conceptual idea of theme, design collection, select fabric, make samples, outsource manufacturing, obtain exposure and marketing, retail, evaluate success and earnings, begin planning for next season - Galliano- dior and Galliano – he drank, panic attacks – but they didn't care because he was making good designs – they compliment you and say you are good even if drink, but when you aren’t drinking eg and make a bad collection – they are mad - Do you think the fashion industry places excessive pressure on designers – or is it compabarble to any high level position? Has social media increased the pressure faced by fashion designers? Yes yes yes  if you don't show one year, everyone thinks youarent doing well – so much pressure all around – subjective – someone could love the collection, some one could hate it – musicans can just take a year to find inspiration etc, designers cant – this is why incorporating diversity eg is hard! There already is so much pressure to deal with The Power of Stylists - emerged in the 90s - stylists can become designers etc, vice versa - quote page 268 : stylist is involved in every process - 1. Choreograph the presentation of the garment, accessories etc - 2. Enhance desirability and attraction – emotional connection - 3. Engage in all aspects of project – involved in casting models, shoot, scouting location, involved in theme, photographers, work with celebs, actors eg - stylists who work with celebs are important – fashion company thinks that when a celebrity is wearing a dress, brings in more sales t
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