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FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

A Glimpse Into My Mother’s Wardrobe 10 Annotated Bibliography Academic Books Sichel, M. (1978). Costume Reference 8: 1918-1939. London: B.T. Batsfor Ltd. This eighth book in Sichel’s series explores the fashion of men, women and children between World War I and World War 2. With the rise of the ready-to-wear clothes industry, there were a lot of fluctuations within the styles during this period, especially for women, who were experiencing new freedoms. For the first time in history, people of all social classes were wearing similar styles. There was also an overall decrease in formality of dress. Not only does Sichel analyze the major items of clothing at this time, but she examines the popular hats, shoes, hairstyles and beauty regimens. This book aided me with my close reading of the vintage dress. It expanded my knowledge of fashions of the 1920’s, particularly women’s daywear dresses. Svendsen, L. (2006). Fashion: A Philosophy. London: Reaktion. Svendsen, a philosophy professor, explores the myths, ideas and history of fashion, including its place in art, politics and philosophy. He investigates the importance of fashion in every North American’s life, as it does not just affect the upper class, but all classes of people. Svendsen’s critical analysis of this industry proposes that an understanding of fashion provides a deeper understanding of oneself. This insightful book assisted me in further understanding philosophical aspects of the industry, especially how personalities and lifestyles can be read through a person’s wardrobe. Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal Articles Kozar, J. M., (2010). Women’s Responses to Fashion Media Images: A Study of Female Consumers Aged 30-59. International Journal of Consumer Studies,
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