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Q-Card Study Terms chapters 21-27

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FSN 232
Kimberly Wahl

Study Terms is a declaration of the intentions of a communistorganization In the Manifesto you will find a The Communist Manifesto detailed explanation of the ideas that form the basis of communist and socialist ideologiesIs the treatment of forms colors space etc in Realism such a manner as to emphasize their correspondence to actuality or to ordinary visual experience A thin steel blade with a handle for mixing colors or Palette knife applying or removing paintThe process of printing from a flat surface treated Lithography so as to repel the ink except where it is required for printingA darkened box with a convex lens for projecting Camera obscura the image of an external object onto a screen inside A photograph taken by an early process employing Daguerreotypes an iodinesensitized silvered plate and mercury vapor A painter or writer belonging to or influenced by PreRaphaelite Brotherhood the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood a society founded in England in 1848 to advance the style and spirit of Italian painting before Raphael Rossetti Hunt Millaisany creative group active in the innovation and Avantgarde application of new concepts and techniques artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or Impressionism experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction
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