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FSN 302 History of Costume Final Exam Flash Cards.doc

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FSN 302
Sue Barnwell

- Started in Manchester British Suffragettes - Women's suffrage began in 1897 Where? When? Colours + Symbolization? - Purple (royal colour), white (purity), green (hope, emblem of spring) Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst - Suffragette Who? - Family who motivated everyone to join the What did she do? movement When? - 1906 Daughters? - Christabel Pankhurst (lawyer) - Sylvia Pankhurst (graphic designer) Edward IV - 1901, came onto the throne Date of throne? - Wife was PrincessAlexandra Wife? - Princess Alexandra made bangs (fringes) Influence? popular -Also made high necks with pearls popular Camille Clifford – Gibson Girl -AGibson Girl, a fictitious drawing Who was she? - Most ideal figure, most ideal woman What was a Gibson Girl? - Mono boson “S” shape, low bust, small waist What was the silhouette? - Has been said that women had their ribs removed to achieve the look Lillie Langtry - Prominent mistress of Edward IV Who was she? - During time period, it was acceptable for Why was she accepted? wives to be intertwined with royalty - Lit a cigarette in front of a prominent New Mrs. Patrick Cromwell York hotel What did she do? - Made front page headlines in the newspaper - Never done by a woman before - son of a cloth merchant - worked at an umbrella shop Paul Pioret - used scraps for mini designs What is his brief history? What else did he do as a designer? - had his own perfume company - introduced beauty products - realized importance of packaging - had his own interior design company - Orientialism (anticipated the arrival of Paul Pioret Orientalism) What was he influenced by? - Known for bringing back the Empire revival, What is he best known for bringing back? created the image of the Nouveau Rich What are some of his design characteristics? - High waisted, un-restricted garments that 1913? needed no understructure (corset) -Also known for the Hobble Skirt - 1913, Lump Shaped Tunic Sergei Diaghilev - 1909, brought the Russian Ballet to Paris What did he introduce? - Ballet Russe When? - Ballet costumes were influenced by Details about what he introduced including Orientalism people? - Ida Rubenstein, Russian ballerina - Designer Mariano Fortuny - Father was a painter Who? - Moved to Venice with mother when he was Details? very young Best known for? - Best known for dresses with tiny, tiny pleats. The skirt was huge when un-pleated. - Best known for her hats Madam Paquin - Influenced by Orientalism Notes? - Wore her own designs Arrow Shirt Man - 1920s Date? - Fictitious character developed by the media Who? -Advertised men's collars and shirts Details? -Adored by many Madeleine Vionet - Great technician Who? - Best known for the “Bias Cut Dress” Best known for? - 1920s Time period? - Fictitious Rosie the Riveter - Cultural icon of the United States Who? - Motivated women in the workforce during WWII - 1947 - Tiny waist, padded hips, dropped rounded shoulders Christian Dior's “New Look” - New Look was achieved with very old, labour Date? intensive methods Characteristics? - Originally called the Corolle Line because of Other information? the huge skirt - New Look provided the look of the uniform fashion image that remained unchanged until 1957 -1967 (1960s) - Balenciaga Date? Designer? Charles James -American Designer Who? Two garments? - Cloverleaf Ballgown Dates? - 30 pattern pieces - made of velvet and white satin - 1950s - Down Jacket - 1937 (1930s) - Newest, most feminine winter jacket - Balenciaga - Grey Wool Coat with Melon Sleeves - 1950s Who? Name? Date? Name what is associated with each date: Dior 1951 Dior, 1951 – Empire Waist Dior 1953 Dior, 1953 – Tulip Line & Cupola Jackets Dior 1954 Dior, 1954 – H Line Dior 1955 Dior, 1955 –ALine Dior 1956 Dior, 1956 –Arrow Line and Caraco Jackets Dior 1957 Dior, 1957 – Chemise Line YSL 1958 YSL, 1958 – Th
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