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Sue Barnwell

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review  Slide 1/2 – 1906 = middle of 1900 mono bosom shape – special corset – corset de luxe – s shape mono bosom  Slide 3 – just before war hobble skirt – difficult to move around …empire look skirts became tight = pari  slide 4 – empire high waist = indication that the waist moved up slightly mainstream fashions  slide 5 – before world war = waist up more and tight o skirts became shorter after and before war o fuller skirts – 1 or 2 tiers o waist tided looser o corsets still o happened because women worked in war effort o dancing became craze after war o eveningwear was showing ankle  slide 7 – suffragette movement o women’s asocial and political movement o Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst head of the movement with her daughters  Christabel and silva Pankhurst daughters  Silva artist – designed the logos  3 colours of british movement = purple white green  in USA yellow instead of green!!  Slide 8 – paul poiret o 1909 – serge diagheilev brought Russian ballet to paris o ida rubinstein and Nijinsky two of the famous dancers o strong oriental influence in costume o golds and reds and yellows o tassels and braids o paul poiret anticipated the colours and styles in 1908 o took what was in fashion and exaggerated it o denise was his muse – not overweight rounded beauty of the time but was slim and elegant – like the 1920s o very ordinary woman  slide 9 – poriet’s oriental pantaloons o threw big parties to show off his clothing o exotic fruits and food for the parties – exotic animals like monkeys
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