FSN 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: E-Textiles

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Published on 21 Apr 2013
Ryerson University
FSN 101
1. What is the difference between fabric, yarns, and fibres?
Fibres can be pulled apart from a fabric, hair like physical appearance. Yarns are twisted or laid
together fibres. Fabrics are a combination of all of the above.
2. What is the difference between natural and manufactured or synthetic fibres? Natural fibres are
made from natural forms, manufactured are made from chemical compounds the materials are
not recognized as a fibre. Synthetic fibres are made from raw materials.
3. What is the difference between staple and filament fibres? Staple fibers are natural short fibres
while filaments are manufactured fibres that are long.
4. Describe some innovative highlights in the field of textiles?
Heat protection etc.
Smart textiles are textiles that reactive to the environment.
A finish is the finishing touch to a fabric, stain resistant, enhances performance.
Geige goods any fabric that has not been finished (muslin)
Tow: filament fibers in this form before they are cut into staple fibers.
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