FSN 132 Study Guide - Milan Cathedral, Bell Tower, Roman Sculpture

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13 Dec 2012

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11. 36 phillip i of france (1260) -more stylized, less colours. 11. 37 life of saint denis (1317)-more defined, naturalistic, slight modelling. Both not proportionate, skewed perspectives, buildings extend past boarders, flat 2d, 11. 38 st. chapelle, paris 1243-1248 no flying buttrices. 8. 8 st. paul outside the wall, rome 385. No french towers-separate tower (leaning tower of pisa) Started building tower, two rows up realized foundation was unbalanced- tried to compensate by making one side taller. Baptism building-separate from church, rounded simple structure, (not many people present at baptisms) 1vs2- 1 more vertical, embellished marble veneers. 1vs3 more embellished, vertical, both have rose ish windows and sculptures. Hidden flying buttrices, not so in notre dame. 13. 4+. 5 florence cathedral, begun 1296, campanile by giotto 1334. Italian painting and sculpture of the 14th century: precursors to the renaissance. Decoration in italy & the 14th century in italy. 12. 20 lorenzetti: good and bad government, plazzo public, siena 1348.