FNF 100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Victim Blaming

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4 Feb 2016
Social Determinants of Health: Overview of Key Themes
-The extent at which an individual stays healthy or becomes ill
-Quality and quantity of resources that a society makes available
-Health is determined how the society arranges it
-Target behaviour change; add insult, victim blaming
-How social conditions shape health
-Lowest employment groups showed greatest rate of su&ering
-Social factors and societal forces (economic, social, political)
-Access to health care increase healthy living rates (vaccines)
-Improvements in health are due to improving material conditions of
everyday life
-Income is a linker between the other determinants of health; di&erences in
-Disease Related to Income; heart disease and stroke
-Di&erences between developed and developing nations
-Swedens policies target income and wealth improved health
-Behavioural choices are structured by one’s material conditions of life
Materialist: how living conditions and social determinants of health constitue
these living conditions
Neo-Materialist: how these living conditions come about
Psychosocial: whether we compare ourselves to others and how these
comparisons a&ect our health and well-being
-Early life assures adequate educational opportunities, food, housing
-Government looks at the just of the problem; says parents need better
parenting methods
-Money wasted on support systems
-Canada has lagged with social determinants information and applying it
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