FNF 100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Social Isolation

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12 Apr 2016

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FNF100: Some Final Thoughts: Winter 2016
Focus on Social Determinants of Health
“The social determinants of health refer to both the specific features of and pathways by
which societal conditions affect health and that potentially can be altered by informed
(Washington State Department, 2002)
Influences on Health
Not simply about keeping fit:
Feeling in control
Being able to make choices
Coping with and managing day to day activities
Taking measures to improve life circumstances
Having access to health care
Investing in Health
“Investments in basic determinants of health will profoundly improve the health
of Canadians most exposed to threatening conditions – the poor, the marginalized, and
those Canadians excluded from participation in aspects of Canadian society by virtue of
their living conditions – therefore providing health benefits for all Canadians.” (York
University, 2002)
-Investing in children (children are fed, educated, stimulated; read to, parents investing in
the outcome of their child)
-Investing children with adults so their overall consequences are greatly improved
-Investing in the social and living conditions of people
Health as a Collective Concept..
Income and Social status
Social Support Network
Social Environments: who were the health educators in the families, and believes
being transferred to children
Physical Environments
Personal Health Practices
Healthy Child Development
Biology and Genetic Endowment
Health Services
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-All aspects interrelate
Layers of Influence
Dahlgren & Whitehead (1991)
-Determinants of health create a basic understanding
-Layered: each layer adds more complexities
-Start out personal (age, sex, hereditary factors: things we can’t change, but were born
-Individual lifestyle factors (hobbies, diet, our own control)
-Social support networks (family, friends, community, without social network: men suffer
the most, lead to drugs, women are good at coming together and supporting eachother),
children, teenagers, parents recover, decision making
-Move beyond our own experiences, what is the water like? How accessible is health
care? How accessible is a clean environment? Is my environment safe? Access to
affordable education? Outside of our own control (Infrastructure)
-Last layer looks at what kind of country were living in (safe?), living with stable
government? Countries going through war, or disease, the infrastructure breaks down
Disrupt the balance: disease, war, rising food costs, weather effecting food production
Interrelated Aspects of Social Determinants of Health
Good environments for early childhood: need to be engaged with
Role of friendship and social cohesion
Dangers of Social Exclusion: depression, isolation: poverty, culture, language barrier
Effects of Alcohol and other drugs: abuse, lost relationships, the impact is widespread,
distort reality
Food Security
Impact of Work and employment: professional status: mortality and morbidity: men have
higher mortality rates, low status, low paid jobs at greater risk for morbidity. More
strenuous work environments has greater impacts on overall health.
Impact on long-term disadvantage
-Nothing is in isolation
The Social Gradient
Social and economic factors strongly affect health throughout life
Individuals in poor social and economic circumstances run at least twice the risk of
serious illness and premature death, compared to those in better circumstances
Gatsby Effect: the more wealthy the more advantages greater opportunities
-Certain groups of people have greater opportunities over other people based on wealth
-Occupation, opportunity, access to well paying jobs
Face of Disadvantage
Takes on many forms
Few family assets
Poor education or little job training: education is the leveller, allows us greater
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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