GEO 106 Study Guide - Final Guide: Distance Decay, 2D Computer Graphics, Mayfly

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Geo final exam: theres no real measure of physical time in the universe, according to einstein"s. Geo final exam: choice based limitations, time, space and choice are governed by the type of events in which you have to, or want to, participate in. An isochrone map of travel times to london, england (pre-chunnel) Slide 62 lecture 7: time-space convergence and distance decay. Therefor : opportunities that occur in time-space are governed by the same sorts of relationships we looked at in the ordering of experience that is, opportunities further away in time and space are more difficult to experience. But : technology has created a time-space convergence and opportunities in time-space have moved closer" together relatively speaking. However : how close depends on what resources are at your disposal. However : this will only work of there is no intervening opportunity between the points of supply and demand from which the demand can be served.

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