GEO 106- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 49 pages long!)

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A cartesian coordinate: only discerning feature are its unique coordinates, place, a location with unique subjective attributes, attributes fairly stable but vary over time, eg. Geo106 study notes: straight lines are lines of constant compass baring, but they are not. Geo106 study notes: however, they would also find a 1: 250,000 scale maps would find the 1: Items such as furniture that can be moved at will to rearrange the configuration of space and thus alter what it can be used: eg. the amc is a lecture hall and cinema because of our trays. Geo106 study notes: how fixed, semi-fixed, and informal features (the intimate, persona, business, and public distance) help or hinder peoples use of environments, for ex. Imageability depended on how a person saw or perceived the city, not how it actually way: ex. Toronto grid pattern, land marks, clear waterfront, downtown: boston grid pattern, common as a focal point, water boundaries, in contrast, north york/scarborough, rotterdam, new.