GEO 793 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ryerson University, Anishinaabe, Monarchy Of The United Kingdom

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Unevenness: unevenness within the same city. We are in a position in the same level. There is a huge gap between the two. Homeless and rich are in the same area ; it is uneven: unevenness between each city. More cities that have more economic leverage than others. Six properties to understand the city : production: This allows the city to be economically sustainable. You need to locate your factory where people can come. Accommodating the central government; all cities have this (italy, rome) So, in cities, there is no way to grow food, so we have to produce something else to make enough money and then buy the necessary food for our population. You must find something to produce; so you can buy enough food for the population. There are no more factories in the city; now they move to the suburb (cost of land is cheaper) No longer something tangible, but a service (entertainment, leisure etc. )

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