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Ryerson University
GEO 106
Elizabeth Carlson

Contextual Environment Those processes and conditions in the outside world which can influence our organisation but which we cannot influence significantly Greatly influenced by ones lifelevel life cycle age lifestyle gender and ethnicity Match those of others in ones immediate environment Phenomenal Environment The natural and cultural environment which lies beyond us the real world as opposed to our perceived world Personal Space the area around individuals which they reserve for themselves Its about proper speaking distance from a friend Home Territory the area in which an animal normally ranges Activity Space The space we live in from day to day that part of action space with which an individual interacts on a daily basis Mental Maps A persons perception of the world An individuals own internal map of their known world Mental maps will be different from person to person based on the social economic status that a person may live inMass medias coverage and stereotypical discussions and coverage of places around the world has a major effect on peoples perception of the world Travelling helps increase a persons perception of an area Imageability a high if clearly identifiable physical element are interconnected to form a rational picture that evoked meaning Nodes point elements that are strategic spots into which the observer can enter EX Jorgenson Hall Landmark point elements that act as cues or points of reference but usually not entered EX CN Tower Path Linear elements channels along which a person may move EX Yonge Street Edge Linear elements not used normally considered paths but which often serve as breaks or barriers in the environment EX Don River Valley District area element recognized as having some identifiable character
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