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GEO 151
Steven Swales

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GEO 151 EXAM NOTES Global Trigger factors (FACTORS THAT CAUSE URBAN CHANGE: - The economy - Technology - Demographics - Politics - Society - Culture - The environment The economy: - Economic forces regarded as dominant influence on urban change - Competitive capitalism: free market competition between locally orientated businesses and laissez-faire economic development largely unconstrained by government regulation. - Fordism: The economic philosophy was founded on the principles of mass production using assembly-line techniques and “scientific management” th - The 19 century so lots of economic change such as the expansion of consumer markets, organized labour markets etc which lead to more government regulation - Current phase of capitalism is referred to as ADVANCED CAPATALISM. Technology: - Changes in technology influence pattern of urban growth and change - NEW INTERNATIONAL DIVISON OF LABOUR – production is separated geographically from research and development and higher level management operations, while almost instantaneous contact is maintained between all the units in the manufacturing process no matter where in the world each is located. - Kondratieff cycl
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