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GEO 210
Hersch Jacobs

Geography of danger lecture 1  Most dangers in Canada is man made, or natural disaster  Foundation caused the building to collapse of the building  Country with the highest death of falling out of bed (hungary)  Fishing is the leading cause of death due to sports in United States  Australia highest spider death  Murder = Honduras  Ashma figi  Female suicide south Korean  Above countries with leading deaths are not obvious  30,000 people die from obesity  10,000 people get struck by lightning  Texting kills 6000 people annually  Hippos kills 2900 people annually  Airplanes kill 1200 people annually  Volcanos kill 845 annually  Autoerotic aphys  Shopping on black Friday kills 550 annually  450 people die falling out of bed in the states  Bathtubs kill 340 people annually  130 people are killed by dears  100 people die from icicles  Hotdogs kill 70 children annually  Chicago dougs hotdogs best hotdogs in the world, duck hotdogs  Tornados kill 60 people annually  Jellyfish, kill 40 people annually  Dogs kill 30 people annually in the United States  Many knock offs for Canada goose are dogs  Ants kill about 30 people annually  Largely american, high-school football kill 20  Vending machines kill 13 people annually  Roller coasters kill 6  Sharks kill 5  As a citizen of Canada will live a long life, not exposed to a lot of risk  Women live longer (born in canada) life expectancy of 84 years  Male born in canada, life expectancy of 78 Geo of danger lecture 2  As a torontonian, as a child we passed through most dangers already  Life expectancy of men is lower, 84 for women, 78 for men  The is no reason why men do it live as long  To date life expectancy has ben increasing over history for both sexes (1995-2007 biggest jump)  Book --> catch 22 o “I’m going to I’ve forever, or die in the attempt” Dunbar o He never wanted to have a good time o Face the reality of time, perspective and perception o For Dunbar feeing bored made him feel like he lived longer  Places of fear: natural places of fear Hypothesis: the greatest threat that we suffer are least obvious, least aware, less dramatic, continual, shuttle, we are most aware of dramatic events such as violence disease and environment  Memorable/shuttle events create more fear “spectacular events”  Fear are sedum objective  Biggest ceLos in the human body are the sperm and eggs  Mortality vs. serendipity  Fountain of youth  Florida place for lots of people to die  Throughout human history there has been men that went to war  Morbility is injury that does not result in death  Morbidity quality of life o Who you are o What is your genetics o What are you doing o When are you doing it o Where your doing it Compound risk, risk associated with a combination of events, California is risked place in USA Geo of Danger o Graph posted on blackboard base on American data 2005 o Shows the average number of years lost due to something happening o Years of potential life lost o Generally human related o Unintentially injuries, (accidents) is the highest life lost  Country with the highest suicides rates is Lithuania (42 per 100,000), Russia is ranked second o Only country that’s outside the former USSR is Finland o Due to the amount of sunlight or lack of, causing suicides in Finland  most dangerous jobs st o 1 is fishing o Timber cutters o Mining machines o Railroad o Airplane pilots o Trash collector is marginally more dangerous than a coal miner  Fear is always part of our lives, we all have to cope with fear  The way we deal with fear  The perception of others is due to fear  Your ability to deal with fear associates your status in society (generally tend to be leaders)  The appearance of being fearless/ brave  Fear is pleasurable, fear is enjoyment, recreation, entertainment, exile rating  Adrenaline is facing fear, it what makes fear bare able, body’s ability to produce adrenaline  We like to be spectators through watching other people’s fear o Back then, this is a reason why horror genre was popular, the condition to be freightend  Many fears are Mis-guided  A lot of fear is built on personal perception  People are afraid of the “inner city” where African Americans and Latinos live for Canada Shepard and finch area  Mainly low income areas  Not necessarily greatest violence area or economic crime in general  Race and crime has no connection  People of color are most commonly targeted by people of color, most people prey on their own, crimes generally occur within their own racial community  We don’t understand risk  1980s some flavorings where causing over cancers  Food coloring is very limited and controlled within Canada  Textile dyes cause cancers, including hair dyes (4 types of hair dyes) Geo of danger lecture o Sam Lovington, comic from 50s (not important) Meaning of risks:  Science has progress to the point where we understand a to of risk  We understand certain risks that weren’t found out before like contaminant  Some contaminants that hold different levels of risk  We are the most skeptical generation  Mistrust in the government and arge governments  We know we will be lied to by industry and all levels of the government  Growth of social media and the advancement of communication causing more awareness, doesn’t have to pass through the same screening barrier  The academic world, when they are doing research, submit to journal, and editor would go to a panel distribute the paper, send that paper back for revision , review to print could be up to a year and a half  Advent of online journals can surpass this  Everything we consume is made up of chemicals  There’s a price to pay for modern technology  There are 3000 chemicals that we are exposé to that contain  There’s never a real agreement on opinions  Look at the people around you, and who’s funding  Funding can greatly affect studies  Humans don’t understand the business of probability  We know the most about tobacco  We understand the consequences of tobacco, but we don’t understand the link between tobacco and the consequences  For every 11 people who smoke 2 packs a day, only 1 will get cancer  We deal by doing risk assessment  Gamblers fallacy, flip a coin 5 heads, what an odds of it being heads again? 50%  People don’t deal with probability properly  There is no such thing has zero risk  There’s a belief “it can’t happen to me” people tend to believe that  It’s an excuse for people to do other things that they won’t normally do  We don’t understand the hierarchy of threats  The “most likely” causes of injury or death  With the advancement of medicine, the greatest threat of our lives is an accident, acid?  Overwhelming amount of men will get prostate cancer (very few will die) most will die with prostate cancer, die with but most won’t die OF prostate cancer  Einstein “god doesn’t play nice with the universe”  Recurrence interval “you may have a flood, you live igneous near a river that might flood, if you live in a house that was swept able to a 20 year flood, it would be a bigger flood but the probability would be lower  FOR FINAL, what is the odds of dealing a perfect ridge hand, 1/1580000000  The number of particles in the universe is __________  Key word is on average
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