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Ryerson University
GEO 221
Steven Swales

13/02/2012 14:20:00 ← Urban Geography: Test One ← ← Chapter 1 ← • Urban geography seeks to explain the distribution of towns and cities and the socio-spatial similarities and contrasts that exist between and within them. • Cities contain areas of residential space, transportation lines, economic activities, service infastructure, commercial areas and public buildings. • Cities also exhibit common problems to vary degrees, including inadequate housing, econimic decline, poverty, ill health, social polarization, traffic congestion and environmental pollution. ← ← Global Trigger Factors • The Economy o Economy forces are regarded as the dominant influence on urban change. • Technology o Changes which are integral to economic change also influence the pattern of urban growth and change. • Demography o Are among the most direct influences on urbanization and urban change • Politics o Cities reflect on the political ideology for their society • Society o Macro-scale social changes can have a significant impact on the character of towns and cities • Culture o Embraces social difference and celebrates variation in urban environments, whether expressed in architectural or social terms • The Environment o Impacts of environmental change on patterns of urbanization and urban change are seen at a number of geographic scales. ← ← Globalisation • A term used to describe a complex of related process that has served to increase the interconnectedness of social life in the modern world. o Economic globalisation: seen in arrangements for production, exchanges, distribution and consumption of goods and services. o Political globalization: seen in arrangements for concentrat
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