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Geo509 exam notes

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GEO 509

Class 1Geography of food food eats what and where the texture and importance of color of foodOldest record we have that can be documented about the way our species operates is picking your teethwe have to gather food to survive primary productionhunting fishing FARMING occupies the most space the most important economic activity and nothing has changed the surface of our landscape more than agricultural activities Farming involves about 300 million peopleglobal agriculture involves about 1000 different crops and occupies 13 of our land 40 of people on earth are involved with agriculture2 of the Canadian population is involved in agricultureagriculture is a fairly recent human inventioninvolves selection of plants and animals that suit our needs to feed the population been with us for approximately 10000 yearsInvention of agriculturechanged society since it release the population of its obligation to prepare and grow our own food and can devote our attention to other thingsfind efficient ways to extract food from sources agriculture requires identification of resource eg land or water and requires cooperation change our notion of propertyaboriginals were given products in exchange for land by the British eg guns and did not have the concept of private ownership however agriculture requires private ownership of land where you establish rules of whats permissible Development of agriculturelearned to use animals eg horses and ox a castrated bullfor the most part males are redundant since they cant give birthHolsteam calf aka veal are efficient at producing milk and males are uselessDark ages 1700 ADtime when intellectual development was arrested or disappeared including knowledge about cooking and foodmany knowledge was preserved in churches and monasteries in Europe cheeses are developed in monasteries every culture developed a diet that showed what the land was capable to produce eg Scotland eats a lot of oatmeal German diet are heavy in fat to combat chills Wheat is dominant in Europe Rice in Asian and north Africa once weve satisfied our hunger we try to improve our dietevery diet is in a state of flux Hakkahybrid of indian and Chinese food1492 the diets before colmbus were significantly different than after nothing has been a greater drive than the search for food its the most important ways of exerting wealth and powerchanges the natural state of the planet to satisfy our requirements many of the modern recipes are kept in secrets eg coke and where the truffle fields are since its a source of incomeBrillat Savarin who said tell me what you eat and Ill tell you who you areif theres one sure thing about food it is that its never just foodfood can be a threat a gift a poison a compensation used as a distraction to suffocate people and seductionfood express a kind of relationship between the human and nonhuman environment Levystrauss societys cuisine is a language in which it constantly expresses its structureits a way to look into their culturecuisine is the defining characteristics of a cultureMichael Pollanwere not only what we eat we are what eats us toowe are made out of corn in the supermarket were a tree in a highly artificial landscape They are designed in a deliberate and systematic way Eg in the main entrance is a garden of fruits and vegetables its visually appealingSpeciousenvironmental argument for local food is often speciousCounter argument the carbon fallacy suggests that the energyenvironmental cost of ie the amount of carbon used is greater in local areas than imported foodits expensive to eat simple and real food without any fertilizer semiotics the study of symbols and functionswhen the raw becomes transformedthe act of cooking is symbolic and its when nature becomes cultureonly humans cookthe raw and the cookedbook about 150 thousand years ago our ancestors were cooking and its arguably the first scientific revolution or any real significantit transforms the access we have to the environment and thats available changed what we could eatcooking made food more digestible chewable and safe and gives us more energy that goes to the brain eg processing wheat into flour and baking it
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