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Day 1 of GEO 509

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GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

Eggs played an important role in historyRomans loved eggs starting from very early ages Butter reveals how our views have changed about food It shows how our attitudes about obesity and healthy eating have changed People used pounds of butter earlier to fry food however over time our views about healthy eating have changed 6 rules of gaining weightChicago cook book1Learn to relax2Walk less ride more 3Rest in bed for one or two weeks The book shows how our attitudes change thy change with fashion views healthy choices and appearance Honey is the only food that doesnt expire Salt can be millions of years old Saffron and truffles tend to be very expensive foodsOver your life you will eat 50 tons of food and drink over 50 000 l of liquids On average we should eat 1800 calories per day its always about input and output however
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