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Ryerson University
GEO 605
David Atkinson

GEO605 Geography of the Canadian North110313 Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Now and ThenVIDEOCaribou cabbing grounds used as example to when we say no to developmentHow to get the resources from the North to the SouthNorth has been seen as rich in mineral resourcesThe challenge is to build infrastructure for extractions and get it to marketoGold silver and precious metals with diamonds are easy resources to transportMackenzie Valley Pipeline begins in the 1960s and began the first instance of environmental assessmentNATURAL GASNatural Gas is essentially Methane gas pipelineoThe byproducts of that processing include ethane propane butanes pentanesDescribed as the Cleanest of the fossil fuelsoProducing less CO2When burning methane in the process of combusting produces heat water and CO2oBut if released into the atmosphere methane is 12 times more thermal absorptive than CO2Greater impact on global warmingAs permafrost thaws releases decomposed animals into the atmosphere in the form of methaneMackenzie Valley67 Trillion CFoOne cubic foot is about the size of a basketballoOnly places that has natural gases is places that have pipelines current source is pipelines in AlbertaNORTH AMERICAN DEMAND GROWTHThe issue with natural gas is the increase in demand because it is a cleaner and less expensive than other fossil fuelsSteady increase in North America annually and dailySeen as a new so
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