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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Sui Sui

Global Management Chapter 1 study questionsQ1 What are the challenges if working in the new economyQ2 What are organizations like in the new workplaceQ3 What is the makeup of the external environment of organization and how is an organization linked to its environmentQ4 Who are managers and what do they doQ5 What is the management process and how do you learn the essential managerial skills competencies Overview of the new workplaceCompanies with a future offer inspirational leadership reward and respect people and provide supportive work environmentsGood technologygreat people sound strategyexecution speed Market dominance Solutions Q1Q6 Q1What are the challenges if working in the new economyTalentpeople and their talents are the ultimate foundations of organizational performanceintellectual capitalis the collective brainpower or shared knowledge or a workforceIntellectual capital competency x Commitmentknowledge workeris someone whose mind is a critical asset to employersDiversitygender age race ethnicity religion sexual orientationand ablebodienessPrejudice discrimination glass ceiling effectGlobalizationThe worldwide interdependence of resource flows product markets and business competitionTechnologyIncreasing Demand for knowledge workers with the skills to fully use technologyWalMart Scheduling systemEthicsEthical expectation for modern businessesCareersCore workers contract workers and parttime workers Global ManagementWorking at GoogleQ2 What are organizations like in the new workplace Critical skills for success in the new workplaceMasteryNetworkingEntrepreneurshipLove of technologyMarketingPassion for renewal OrganizationA collection of people working together to achieve a common purposeFigure 11 Organization as open systemsOrganization PerformanceBusiness earn a profitNonprofits organizations add wealth to society Organizational performancePerformance Effectiveness output Performance efficiency Input Productivity Global Management Figure 12 Workplace changes that provide a context for studying managementGoogle amazing work placeApple organized systemZappos The happiness culture Figure13 starbucks genral environment
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