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GMS200 Exam Review Ch1, 2, 4-10, 13

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Sui Sui

GMS200 Exam Review Ch1, 2, 4-10, 13 Chapter 1 Dynamic New Workplace Intellectual capital J collective brainpowershare knowledge of workforce Knowledge worker J someone whose mind is critical asset to employers, add value to organization through intellect Globalization J worldwide interdependence of resource flows, product markets & business competitions Workforce diversity J differences in gender, race, age, ethnicity, able-bodiness, religious affiliation & sexual orientation among workers Prejudice J display of negative, irrational attitudes toward women & minorities Discrimination J actively denying women & minorities full benefits of organizational membership Glass ceiling effect J invisible barrier limiting career advancement of women & minorities Ethics J ZK}oZLZ}Z[Z^2}}_^]2Z_]L}L[ZZ]} Corporate governance J oversight } }KL[ZKL2KLBoD BoD J inside (chosen from senior management), outside (from other organizations & positions external to organization) Organization J collection of people working together in division of labour to achieve common purpose Open system J organizations interact with their environment to transform resources into product outputs Productivity J quantity & quality of work performance, with resource utilization Performance effectiveness J output measure of taskgoal accomplishment (quantity) Performance efficiency J input measure of resource costs associated with goal accomplishment (quality) Changing Nature of Organizations - Belief in human capital - Embrace of networking - K]Z}^ }KKL }L}o_ - New workforce expectations - Emphasis on teamwork - Concern for work-life balance - Pre-eminence of technology - Focus on speed Total quality management (TQM) (E. Deming) J manage with continuous improvement, product quality & customer satisfaction - Quality = conformance to - Quality as performance standard must be defect-free work standards - Quality comes from defect prevention, not defect correction - Quality saves money ISO Certification J indicates conformance with exact set of international quality standards Continuous Improvement J involves always searching for new ways to improve work quality & performance Quality circle J members meet periodically to discuss ways of improving quality of productsservices Manager J person who supports & is responsible for work of others (long hours, intense pace, varied tasks) Levels of Managers Top Managers J guide performance of organization as whole or one of its major parts Middle managers J oversee work of large departmentsdivisions Project managers J coordinate complex projects with task deadlines Team leaders (supervisors) J report to middle managers & directly supervise non-managerial workers Types of Managers Line managers J ] o }L]}} ]}L}}2L]]}L[ZZ] 2}}ZlZervices Staff managers J use special technical expertise to advice & support line workers Functional managers J responsible for one area of activity www.notesolution.comGeneral Managers J responsible for complex multi-functional units Accountability J requirement to show perf}KL ZoZ}}L[Z]KK]Z]Z} Quality of work life J overall quality of human experiences in workplace Management Process (Functions) Management J process of planning, organizing, leading & controlling use of resources to accomplish performance goals Planning J setting objectives & determining what should be done to achieve them Organizing J assigning tasks, allocating resources & coordinating work activities to accomplish work Leading J inspiring people to work hard to achieve high performance Controlling J measuring performance & taking action to ensure desired results Lifelong learning J continuous learning from daily experiences Managerial Roles J Mintzberg Informational J exchanging & process info Interpersonal J interacting with people inside & outside work unit Decisional J using info to make decisions to solve problems or address opportunities Essential Managerial Skills J Katz Skill J ability to translate knowledge into action that results in desired performance Technical skill J to use expertise to perform task with proficiency Human skill J to work well in co-operation with others Emotional intelligence J ability to manage self & relationships effectively - Self-awareness - Motivation - Social skill - Self-regulation - Empathy Conceptual skill J to think analytically & solve complex problems Managerial competency J skill-based capability for high performance in management job (communication, teamwork, self- management, leadership, critical thinking, professionalism) Chapter 2 Management Past to Present Classical Management Approaches 1. Scientific Management (F. Taylor) J careful selection & training of workers, & supervisory support improving efficiency a. Develop for every job a science J rules of motion, standardized work implements, proper working conditions b. Carefully select workers with right abilities for job c. Carefully train workers to do job & give them proper incentives to co-operate d. Support workers by carefully planning their work Motion study (Gilbreths) J science of reducing task to basic physical motions 2. Administrative Principles Henri Fayol J duties: foresight, organization, command, coordination, control; & 14 principles: 1. Division of labour 6. Subordination of individual interests 10. Order 2. Authority 7. Remuneration 11. Equity 3. Discipline 8. Centralization 12. Personnel tenure 4. Unity of command 9. Scalar chain (line of authority) 13. Initiative 5. Unity of direction 14. Esprit de corps Scalar chain principle J clear, unbroken line of communication from top to bottom in organization Command principle J each person receive orders from only ONE boss Unity of Direction Principle J one person in charge of ALL activities that have same performance objective
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