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Global Management Studies
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GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

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Envir,Org culture, • Envir uncertainty – lack of complete info regarding what exists and what dev may occur in external envir uncertainty • Internal – may forcast wat happen tmrw • 2 dimentions of envir uncertainty: o Complexity – number variables/ factors impacting industry in envir # competitiors how many suppliers (control over price, dictate who to give more supplys to) o rate of change – constantly changing (investing in stock market, technology) How fast factors change – static = for number of years?, change fast? o High moderate uncertainty – complexity low, rate of change high (computer processor industry intel and __, automotive industry get customers to buy cars, new innovations (luxurious, hybrids)) o High uncertainty – based on probability (decisions) = will be risky Need greatest flexibility and adaption (air industry domestic, international, price pts = complex, more security/ regulated, demand for flying changing b/c volcano/ weather/ flu = seasonal) (fast food industry customer demands , low market share, low margins, cultural) Consulting company (complications/ questions always diff recession o Low uncertainty –not complex envir, low rate of change =(phone companyRogers landline phones, health care publically sponsored, agricultural/salt/sugar industry) o Low moderate uncertainty – don’t change that fast but complex envir = (food industry, banking industry competition, doesn’t change that fast, new innovative products) www.notesolution.com Alcohol industry = low moderate everyone buys it able to predict the diff celebration days (cnada day) diff places offered • Rate and margins are not high • Predict = season • Compettioon differentiation through advertising • Diff brands out there for consumer to pick from • Rate of change slow High complexity, low rate of change competitors • What constitutes external envir of org? o Competitors o Suppliers o Consumers o Macro envir – demand for product, laws and policies, time of year, Economy/ recsession(growth rate =high = china, brazil disposal income, multinational entering = make next big rev) • Kia came up with 7 yr warranty = competitive adv = increase sales • Hundai = korea came w/ policy buy back car legal-political • tech new changes • comp want to go green • Ex: enron – fraud in economic financial reporting - power company -dabhol project = $2.8 billion, didn’t predict new india gov would be anti multinational,pulled out after 5 billion dollars and didn’t make any money www.notesolution.com social-cultural (demographic make up impact decision and strategies (aging population: ex Japan not open to immigration= decrease pop, Canda open to imm • kraft survive: ppl trying to eat heathier, organic food, diversify to retain its sales technological (new tech impact how comp make decisions) natural envir (go green,reduce carbon emissions) o Good
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