GMS 200 Exam Review

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Vikraman Baskaran

1. Three types of traditional organizational structures are: Functional, divisional, and matrix 2. A __________ uses both permanent and temporary cross functional teams to solve problems, complete special projects, and accomplish daily tasks Team structure 3. _____________ is a country with free health care that is not funded through the imposition of taxes Qatar 4. As a result of change in demographics in the GTA, the demand for __________ has increased Boy choy, okra and eggplant 5. The removal of fuel subsidy may not be beneficial because of ____________ Multiplier effect, information asymmetry and market failure 6. A investment plan where individuals can save for retirement and benefit from tax credit in Canada is called ______________ RRSP 7. A example of a successful economic intergration is ______________ European union 8. _________ is a francophone country while ___________is an Anglophone country Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria 9. _____________ is the world’s second largest economy and ________ is the counterfeit headquarters China and Beijing 10._____________ is the official language of Tanzania Kiswahili 11._______ is a deal of the day website that features discounted gift certificates Groupon 12.The practice of ___________ by organizations will lead to substantial development Green initiatives 13.__________ is the most efficient and largest producer of 4G technology of the world Huawei 14.Using the opinions of persons with special expertise to make predictions about the future events Is called 16. A 15.________ is a long term version of contingency planning scenario planning 16._______ is a technique that makes use of external comparisons to better evaluate one’s current performance and identify possible actions for the future Benchmarking 17.___________ requires that the planning process include people who will be affected ? 19 20. B 21. __________measure performance results in terms of quality, quant
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