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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Sui Sui

Multiple Choice QuestionsDOrganizingplanningleadingCHAPTER INTRODUCTIONcontrolling156Which of the following statements ELeadingorganizingplanning accurately characterize effective leaders in controllingthe contemporary worldCGTFaALeaders understand the diversity of peoples gifts talents and skillsBWhen leaders recognize the unique qualities of other people they are less 160Leadership challenges in the modern inclined to believe that theyas workplace include all of the following EXCEPTleadersknow what is bestAShorter time frames for accomplishing CGreat leaders are able to bring out the thingsbest in other peopleBExpectations for success on the first DA and CattemptEA B and CCComplex ambiguous and EGTApmultidimensional problems to be solved157 is the process of inspiring others DMaintenance of the status quo in a to work hard to accomplish important taskscomplex and dynamic business AManagementenvironmentBMotivationENecessity for taking a longterm view CCulture buildingeven while meeting shortterm DLeadershipperformance demandsETeamworkDGTFaDKTFaLeadership and Vision158Which of the following gives the BEST 161Vision which is frequently associated with description of the management function effective leadership refers to called leadingAThe leaders capacity to plan organize ADetermining what is to be achieved and controlsetting goals and identifying appropriate BA future that one hopes to create or stepsachieve in order to improve upon the BMonitoring performance comparing present state of affairsresults and taking corrective actionCThe ability to spontaneously take charge CDefining tasks assigning personnel and in a group situationsupporting them with resourcesDThe leaders capacity to influence DSetting goals allocating resources and superiorsgiving corrective feedbackEThe knowledge of when to use position EBuilding commitment and enthusiasm power and when not use itfor people to apply their talents to help BKTFaaccomplish plans162 describes a leader who brings to EGTFathe situation a clear and compelling sense 159Leading is related to the other management of the future as well as an understanding of functions Specificallysets the the actions needed to get there direction and objectivesbrings successfullythe resources together to turn plans into AVisionary leadershipactionbuilds the commitments BParticipative leadershipand enthusiasm needed for people to apply CConsultative leadershiptheir talents fully to help accomplish plans DCharismatic leadershipandmakes sure things turn out ETransformational leadershipright AKTFa163The challenges of visionary leadership go APlanningleading organizingsubstantially beyond controllingAMaking longterm plans and drafting BLeading planning organizingbudgets better than anyone elsecontrollingBExcelling at creating organizational CPlanning organizingleadingstructures and assigning people to jobscontrollingCEnsuring that results compare favorably AIt is the foundation of effective with original plansleadershipDAlternatives A and BBIt is the ability to make things happen for EAlternatives A B and Cthe good of the group as a wholeEGTFaCIt is the ability to make things happen for 164Which of the following is NOT a core the good of the organization as a wholeprinciple that should be practiced by DAll of the abovemanagers who want to meet the challenges ENone of the aboveof visionary leadershipDGTFaABe a team player169Reward power coercive power and BBe a pioneerlegitimate power are different types of CBe a consistent role model of behaviourAFormal leadershipDBe enthusiastic and inspire others to BPosition powershare a common visionCInformal leadershipEBe first with ideas and right in all you doDPersonal powerEMNFaEDirective leadership165The principles for meeting the challenges of BGTFavisionary leadership include all of the 170The three types of position power are following EXCEPTand ABe a pioneer encouraging innovation ALegitimateexpertcoerciveand supporting people who have ideasBCoerciveexpertrewardBInspire others through personal example CRewardlegitimatecoerciveto share in a common visionDReferentrewardlegitimateCBe a team player and support the efforts EExpertreferentlegitimateand talents of othersCGTFaDKeep emotion out of the workplace171Which of the following would NOT be EProvide a consistent model of how others considered a source of position power for a can and should actmanagerDMNFaAThe ability to give special monetary Power and Influencerewards to deserving subordinates166The ability to get someone else to do BPossession of a charismatic personalitysomething you want done or to make things CThe ability to recommend disciplinary happen the way you want is called action for subordinatesDBeing a highranking executive in the ALeadershipcompanyBPolitical behaviourEThe flexibility to schedule some CManipulationsubordinates into the most desirable job DControlassignmentsEPowerBGTApEKTFa172 is the ability to influence the 167Which of the following statements isare behaviour of other people because of ones accuratecapacity to offer positive outcomesAPower is essential to executive success ALegitimate powerBFor executive success to occur the use BExpert powerof power should reflect the desire to CCoercive powerinfluence and control others for the good DReferent powerof the group or organization as a wholeEReward powerCFor executive success to occur the use EKTFaof power should reflect the desire to 173What type of power does a manager control for personal satisfactionexercise when he or she offers pay raises DA and Bbonuses special assignments or EA and Ccompliments as incentives to subordinatesDGTFaALegitimate power168Which of the following statements BExpert poweraccurately describe the positive face of power CCoercive powerDReferent power
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