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GMS 200
Sui Sui

Mini Assignment 2 – Bata Case Name: Aaina Jaiswal Student#: 500508476 Industry#: 8 Course Number: GMS200 Section Number: 041 Professor: Sui Sui Turnitin Confirmation#: 313335012 1. Bata’s international business strategy was developed in 1909 with the first export sales in Germany, the Balkans, and in the Middle East. Next strategy was developed in 1929, when the company expanded its international operations in Switzerland, Germany, England, France, Yugoslavia, Poland, the Netherlands, the U.S and India. In 1932, the company made 4 million pairs of shoes which were sold across Canada and all around the world. By 1960, Bata focused on expanding its international reach through new markets but after not being able to compete with Chinese imports, in 2000, Bata had expanded into Russia, Poland, Croatia, and Slovenia, also into new markets in China, along with the opening of Bata retailing stores. Bata is definitely a multinational corporation because it is managed by 4 business units along with 40 production
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