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GMS 200 Exam Review

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Sui Sui

GMS 200 Exam Review Figure 1.4 Four functions of management – Planning, organizing, leading, controlling – Relationship among the four processes Figure 1.5 Mintzberg's 10 managerial roles – Interpersonal roles (figurehead, leader liaison), informational roles (monitor, disseminator, spokesman), decisional roles (entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator) – Identify each category Example – Case: The Happiness Culture: Zappos – Online shoe and apparel store, Tony Hsieh, emphasis on company culture, core values – Strategies – free shipping, 365 day return policy, call centre, $2000 offered to quit jobs Chapter 13: Information and Decision Making – Useful information – data, information, characteristics – Figure 13.2: external and internal information needs of organizations – What is a decision? – Programmed, no-programmed, crisis decision making – Certain, risk and uncertain environments – Systematic v.s. Intuitive thinking – Figure 13.2 – Steps in managerial decision making and problem solving – Figure 13.6 – Differences in classical and behavioural models in decision making Chapter 3: Global Dimensions of Management – Regions – Europe (EU),Americas (NAFTA, maquiladoras),Asia and the Pacific Rim,Africa – Figure 3.2: Forms of international business – market entry strategies and direct investment strategies – Culture, culture shock, ethnocentrism Chapter 2: History of Management – Classical approaches – scientific man
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