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Global Management Studies
GMS 200

Company’s Finance Strategy Imaginex Inc. focused on paying off all its outstanding debts as soon as possible. Imaginex believed paying off all the outstanding debts would be beneficial for the company in the future because in case the company’s debt began accumulating with interest every year, it could result in more cash outflow, which our company wanted to avoid. Our company strived at an excellent credit rating and struggled to maintain a good credit rating by paying off all the outstanding debts as soon as possible. Our company believed that issuing extra shares could let the public have a greater impact on our company and our business so we made a strategy of repurchasing some of th our shares in the previous years so by the end of the 11 year, we would not have too many issued shares. One more thing that we believed was important for the success of our company was our dividends. We offered dividends in the previous years to attract investors as more investors in our company would be beneficial in raising our earnings per share. And better earnings per share would result in more profits for our company. Competitors’ analysis Our company considers Company A to be our biggest competitor for entry-level cameras, and Company E for multi-featured cameras. The high demand for entry-level cameras of Company A is because of a PQ rating to price ratio
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