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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Bamidele Adekunle

Weaknesses of BestBuy/Future shop In this section, for your chosen scenario discuss the weaknesses of the business  based on your findings from your SWOT analysis and the associated implications for  the decision/recommendations. Start with the weakness points that are high  probability/high impact, followed by high probability/low impact and so on. Be sure  only to address the points that are relevant to the decision you need to  make/recommend.  There are many aspects in the weakness category that Best Buy needs to dramatically improve on which would include inconveniencing customers due to the changing of their locations, not having a variety of products because of the downsizing, and having less brand recognition with their very low e-commerce presence. With the closure of many stores due to the “Renew Blue Strategy” BestBuy Canada believes that having fewer stores and more of an online e-commerce type business is a good choice for theAmerican based company. This type of strategy is really not a suitable idea because of the reason that they had location excellence in where their stores were strategically placed. Now with the removal of their normal stores they will be starting to place small mobile stores as apart of phase two of the new strategy. The small mobile stores have many disadvantages for customers in comparison to what they have right now. The small stores will have far less variety as a result of the reducing store numbers, meaning they won’t have all the products that some customers are looking for. Another troublesome problem could happen to customers when they are looking these stores because they are mov
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