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Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Kirk Bailey

Ref httpltodwordpresscominternalenvironment2 httpwww2bombardiercomq400engreenjsp httpwww2bombardiercomen3038marketforecastBCA2012MarketForecastpdf httpwwwbloombergcomquoteBBD2FACNImprovement1 Since Bombardier is a leading manufacturer in not only aircraft but also trains and recreational products Seen from a technological point of view this means that Bombardiers engineers have a broader scope of engines and material developments One may argue that one division has nothing to do with the other but the brainpower and innovation of such areas does For Question2 CEO partHow to deal with negative cash flow a negative cash flow decreases your companys net worth over time The best way to maximize your small businesss longterm net worth is to focus on increasing its cash flow When a company spends more than it makes it has a negative cash flow httpsmallbusinesschroncommeanpositivenetworthnegativecashflow52747htmlStep 1 Analyze your expenses and slash costs as much as possible Unnecessary expenses can wreak havoc on your cash flow Almost every small business owner will find that he can scale back at least a portion of his expenses For example you may be able to cut utility costs by shutting off the office computers each night or lower labor expenses by sending employees home when theyre not needed Step 2 Create a strategy to increase revenue If cutting expenses isnt enough to counteract your negative cash flow youll have to devise a plan to bring in more revenue Examples of increasing revenue include training your sales force to utilize better sales strategies using different advertising markets targeting a wider range of consumers and investing more into a product at the beginning of its life cycle Step 3 Create a budget When you do manage to counteract your negative cash flow the good times wont last long if youre your small business does not have a solid budget A budget in its simplest form tells you three things how much money youre bringing in how much money is going toward expenses and how much money you have leftover to spend on other expenses If you have no idea how much money your business is bringing in or how much its spending then its impossible to know if youre spending too much Step 4 Get your employees on board Turning a negative cash flow into a positive one requires a companywide effort Your employees need to apply an effort to reduce costs and bring in more sales For example suppose you run a restaurant To prevent high food costs make sure each employee understands the importance of proper serving sizes
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