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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Vikraman Baskaran

GMS-401 Final Examination F2012 Details: 1. The final examination will consist of 100 multiple choice questions. ALL QUESTIONS ARE MULTIPLE CHOICE. 92 questions are worth ONE mark each. A further 8 questions (Quantitative) are worth TWO marks each. The ONE mark questions may include some Quantitative questions as well. The examination is graded out of 108. The examination has a term value of 40% as per the course outline. 2. Examination answers are entered on computerized SCANNER sheets for grading. Suggest that you leave the last 10-15 minutes of the examination to bubble in the answers on your SCANNER sheet. Try to avoid any erasures on the SCANNER sheet. If you do NOT erase FULLY and the computer scanner reader detects two bubble in a single answer field, it will AUTOMATICALLY score the answer as incorrect. SCANNER sheets are machine read ONLY. 3. Handing-in the Final Examination: You will be instructed by the Examination Invigilators to hand in the examination paper and the SCANNER sheets SEPARATELY . If you put your SCANNER into the examination when specifically directed not to, you will be issued a grade of INCOMPLETE as your result will not be able to be reported. All exams are stored in a lockup fac
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