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Global Management Studies
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GMS 401
Kirk Bailey

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GMS401---M.R.P . =Materials Requirement Planning (Ch 13) Origins: early 1960's. IBM had just introduced the first commercial computers: 1401 for Business and 7090 for ScientificApplications. Problem at the time would be like a new laptop todayCwithout any application software, such as MS-Word, Excel Spreadsheets, MS-project etc, the computer would be completely useless.Alot like being given a nice power boat but no motor. M.R.P. was IBM software to use on the new computers of the day to track and control INVENTORYCa major application that almost every company has a need for. M.R.P. was used to control inventory via a computerized system that would track receipts and issues of materialsBusually for user company unique production componentsCtires for new cars etc. Later a more advanced version called M.R.P. II known as Manufacturing Resource Planning (early 1980's) which also included things such as machining centres andASR=s (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems). M.R.P.=s latest iteration is SAPCby a German software companyBex IBMer=s frustrated by IBM=s refusal to update products that sold well and were very profitable. The 2 SAP founders left to form their own firm. MRP is
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