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Midterm #2 Review - Chapters 7, 7S, 9, 10

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Robert Meiklejohn

c V`W^ c S\`W^W_YZ[X[^_`W_ Z`^[VaU`[ZSZV![TW_YZ [^__`WVW_ YZ Zb[bW_ 4 [TVW_YZU[Z`WZ`SZVW`[V 4 W`W^ ZS` [Z[Xc[^ ZYU[ZV ` [Z_ 4 [^WS_a^WWZ` WW_`ST _WZ`[X_`SZVS^V` W_ 4 [\WZ_S`[Z a^^WZ`\^SU` UW Z[T Z[TVW_ YZU[Z`S Z_WWWZ`_[XTS_ U_U[[_[X`[aY` 4 WWXX U WZU_U[[W\S_ W_S__`WS` U[Y USS\\^[SU`[ST[a^U[_` ^WVaU` [Z 4 WTWSb [a^S_U[[W\S_ W__S` _XSU` [Z[XcSZ`_SZVZWWV_[Xc[^W^_S_ [` bS`[^X[^ ZU^WS_WV\^[VaU` b ` XXUWZUS\\^[SU jZUaVW_ 4 \WU S S` [ZX[Ua_W_[T_`[ZS^^[c_U[\W 4 W`[V_SZS_ _ 4 W_`SZVS^V_ W_W^ [a_ZW__[X`W\^[TW_c `S__WT ZW_\WU S S` [ZUSa_WV[TVW_ YZW^_`[ _WW`WTWSb [a^SS\\^[SU WSb[a^SS\\^[SU [TWZS^YWWZ`Y b ZYSc[^W^SS^YW^\[^` [Z[X`W`[`S`S_ 4 [^ [Z`S[SV ZYSVV ` [ZSc[^ _[Z`W_SWWbW[X_ SZV^W_\[Z_ T ` 4 W]aWZUW[XSU` b ` W_ Z_`WSV[X[Z[ZWX[^SSZaXSU`a^ ZYc[^W^ [T^[`S` [Zc[^W^_\W^ [V USW!USZYW[T_ 4 ^[SVWZ_WS^Z ZYW!\W^ WZUWS[c_c[^W^_`[X ZX[^ST_WZ`c[^W^_Sb[ V_ Za^ W_USa_WVT^W\W` ` bW\_ USc[^ [TWZ^ UWZ` ZU^WS_ ZY^W_\[Z_ T `X[^\SZZ ZYSZVU[[^V ZS` [Z 4 W^` US[SV ZY WXV ^WU`WV`WS_Y^[a\_c[\W^X[^`W_SWXaZU` [ZSZVS^WW\[cW^WV`[SW UW^`S ZVWU _ [Z_SZVUSZYW_ Z`W ^c[^ 4 [W` W_^WXW^^WV`[S_SZSa`[Z[[a_`WS 4 W``W^_a `WV`SZSZSYWWZ``[SWVWU _ [Z__ ZUW`WS^WU[_W`[`W ^c[^ 4 WcW^SZSYW^_ZWUW__S^ YW^]aS `\^[VaU` b `SZVc[^W^_S` _XSU` [Z W`[V_SZS#__ W`[V_SZS_ _T^WS_V[cZ`W[T Z`[S_W]aWZUW[X`S__SZVWWWZ`_SZV \^[bW_ ` S_ U\^[UWVa^W 4 jVWZ` X`W[T`[TW_`aV WVSZVYS`W^S\W^` ZWZ`XSU`_ST[a` `_[\W^S` [Z_ SU ZW_W]a \WZ`S`W^ S_SZV_[[Z 4 _Ua__`W[Tc ``W[\W^S`[^SZV_a\W^b _[^ 4 ZSWSZVV[UaWZ``W\^W_WZ`W`[V[X\W^X[^ ZY`W[T 4 aW_` [Z`W\^W_WZ`W`[VSZV\^[\[_WSZWcW`[V ZS ZYSZV \^[b ZYW`[V_ _XSU `S`WVTa_W[X 4 ^[UW__US^`_US^`a_WV`[W!S ZW`W[bW^S_W]aWZUW[XSZ[\W^S` [ZT X[Ua_ ZY[Z[bWWZ`_[X`W[\W^S`[^[^X[c[XS`W^ S 4 [^W^SU ZWUS^`a_WV`[VW`W^ ZW\[^` [Z_[XSc[^UUWVa^ ZYc U SZ[\W^S`[^SZVW]a \WZ`S^WTa_[^ VW [`[Z_`aV [` [Z_`aV__`WS` U_`aV[X`WaSZ[` [Z_a_WV`[\W^X[^SZ[\W^S` [Z_[^ `S_ 4 a^\[_W _`[W ZS`WaZZWUW__S^[` [Z_SZV`[ VWZ` X`WTW_`_W]aWZUW[X [` [Z_X[^S!WXX U WZU W^WS^WSZaTW^[XV XXW^WZ``WUZ ]aW_[^`[[_`S`[` [ZSZS_`_USZa_W`[VWbW[\ WXX U WZ`\^[UWVa^W_ 4 [` [ZWU[Z[\^ ZU \W_ Ya VW ZW_X[^VW_ YZ ZY[` [ZWXX U WZ`c[^ \^[UWVa^W_ b VWV Z`[US`WY[^ W_a_W[XS^_SZVT[VS^^SZYWWZ`[Xc[^\SUW SZVVW_ YZ[X`[[_SZVW]a \WZ` 4 ZS_ _[XWWWZ`S^[` [Z_ 4 U^[[` [Z_[c[` [Zb VW[_`aV a_W[X[` [Z\ U`a^W_SZV_[c[` [Z `[_`aV[` [Z_`S`[`W^c _Wc[aVTW`[[^S\ V`[SZSW 4 a`SZW[a_SZV_[` [ZUS^`S_[Z[cZS_ [US^` [US^`SUS^``S`_[c_`WWWWZ`S^[` [Z_\W^X[^WVTWSU SZV_ VWT_ VW[bW^` W [^ZY[ZV`[Z_ W\W^S`a^WSZVa V ` WZ` S` [Z ja ZS` [Z [ _WSZVb T^S` [Z_ [^T^WS_ SXW` ^Y[Z[ UX `` ZY`W[T`[`Wc[^W^#_US\ST `SZV_ W [^ WS_a^WWZ` [^WS_a^WWZ`VW`W^ Z ZY[c[ZY `_[aV`SW`[V[S[T `SZVS^V` W`WS[aZ`[X` W `_[aV`SWS]aS X WVc[^W^`[U[\W`WS_\WU X WV `S_c[^ ZYS`S_a_`S ZSTW^S`WSZVa_ ZYY bWZW`[V_`[[_SZVW]a \WZ`^Sc S`W^ S_SZVc[^\SUWS^^SZYWWZ` ^YSZ S` [Z_VWbW[\_`SZVS^V` W_ ZSZaTW^[XcS_ `[\cS`U`W_`aV WbW[\WZ`[XS_`SZVS^V` WTS_WV[Z[T_W^bS` [Z_[X[ZWc[^W^`SWZ[bW^SZaTW^ [XUUW_ 4 WX ZW`W[T`[TW_`aV WVSZV ZX[^`Wc[^W^c[c TW_`aV WV 4 W`W^ ZW`WZaTW^[XUUW_`[[T_W^bW 4 W`W[TSZV^S`W`Wc[^W^#_\W^X[^SZUW 4 SUaS`W`W_`SZVS^V` WS[c ZYX[^^W_`\W^ [V_ WZaTW^[XUUW_`S`a_`TW` WV _SXaZU` [Z[X`^WW` ZY_ 4 WbS^ ST `[X[T_W^bWV` W_ 4 WVW_ ^WVSUUa^SU 4 WVW_ ^WVWbW[XU[ZX VWZUWX[^`WW_` S`WV[T` W 4 WXW^\SYWX[^W!S\W_ WbW[\WZ`[X_`SZVS^V` WSU`aS Zb[bW_USUaS` [Z[X`^WW` W_ 4 T_W^bWV` WSbW^SYW[X^WU[^VWV` W_ 4 [^S` W[T_W^bWV` WSVa_`WVX[^`Wc[^W^#_\W^X[^SZUW 4 `SZVS^V` WZ[^S` Wa` \ WVTS[cSZUWXSU`[^__aUS_`S ZYS cS_^[[T^WSSU ZW_SVa_`WZ`_SZV`S ZY`[S_a\W^b _[^ ^WVW`W^ZWVWWWZ``W_ aT _WVVS`STS_WV[ZW!`WZ_ bW^W_WS^U[ZWWWZ`` W_ 4 W_[X`WTS_ UWWWZ`_S^WWS_a^WV Z WWS_a^WWZ`Z ` 4 ZWW]aS__WU[ZV [^_S\ZY WUZ ]aWX[^W_` S` ZY`W\^[\[^` [Z[X` W`S`Sc[^W^_\WZV_[ZWSUSU` b `[^ _ VW ^ S^a_W _X[^SZS_ _[XZ[Z^W\W` ` bW[T_ bW^S\^[UWVa^WU[Z_ _`_[X`WX[[c ZY_`W\_ 4 WS^ VWZ` X`Wc[^W^_`[TW_`aV WV 4 [` X`Wc[^W^_[X`W\a^\[_W[X`W_`aV`[Sb[ VS^[a_ ZY_a_\ U [Z
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