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Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Robert Meiklejohn

Acontractor intends to bid on installing 30 in-ground swimming pools. Because this will be a new line of work for the contractor, he believes there will be a learning effect.After reviewing time records from a similar type of activity, the contractor is convinced that an 85-percent learning curve is appropriate. He estimates that the first pool will take his crew eight days to install. How many days should the contractor schedule for: (LO2) a. The first 10 pools? b. The second 10 pools? c. The final 10 pools? P = 85% T = 8 days 1 a. T 1 total t.f. 108 × 7.116 = 56.928 days b. T ×1(total t.f. – 20tal t.f. ) 108 × (12.402 – 7.116) = 42.288 days c. T ×1(total t.f. –30otal t.f. )20 8 × (17.091 – 12.402) = 37.512 days Students in an operations management class have been assigned four similar homework problems. One student took 50 minutes to complete the first problem.Assume that a 70-percent learning curve is appropriate. How much time can this student plan to spend solving all the remaining problems? (LO2) T 1 50 min. P = 70% T 2 4 = ? - T = T × total t. f. = 50 × 2.758 = 137.9 1-4 1 4 T 2-4 = T - 4- T1= 137.9 – 50 = 87.9 min., or about 1 ½ hrs. Afirm has a training program for a certain operation. The progress of trainees is carefully monitored.An established standard requires a trainee to be able to complete the sixth repetition of the operation in six hours or less. Those who are u
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