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Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Kirk Bailey

GEO509 – Food, Place, Identity Lecture #2 – Monday, September 9 2013th Introduction - food is a reflex, everyone has to eat - salt is one of the oldest foods you will ever consume (10s of million years old), there is nothing older than salt - water is fairly old - some things we eat fresh, some things we eat after it has aged - in this country, we don’t eat very fresh eggs - increasingly, the dated stamps of eggs in the supermarket has been a recent innovation - we don’t generally know how old the eggs we buy are - to determine if an egg is fresh, fresh egg will float horizontally, old egg will float in a more vertical fashion - to determine if egg is raw or hard boiled, you spin it - uncooked eggs do not spin, cooked eggs do spin - Olivia, a Roman Emporist, hatched an egg by nestling it between her breasts - Portugal egg custard tart developed because of the surplus of yolks around the time this dish was invented by the munks - the egg whites had a particular function, they needed an enormous quantity during this time - the whites were used as navigators – King John established the school of navigation - enormous quantities of whites had to be produced in order to clarify red wine, liquids, chicken soup - if you’re making chicken soup, and there’s crap floating in your soup, beat some whites into it - to avoid wastage, there are lots of old stuff - orange roughy (fish) grew slowly but l
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