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Global Management Studies
GMS 450
Clare Chua

In developing a hierarchical plan: tasks at the same level should, generally, have the same degree of details To ensure the success of any project, the project team members must be: technically competent What is a milestone? A significant event in the project The project manager is responsible to: the project team, the project’s client, the project manager’s immediate supervisor. The elements of an action plan should: include tasks, immediate predecessor, estimated time duration, and require resources; may be based on work breakdown structure with tasks and sub tasks; assist with estimates of required financial resources and a plan for when these funds will be required A successful project manager, in a very important win-win negotiation, you need to ensure that the other party you are negotiating with: expresses what help they need from you in order for them to provide you with their help One of the complaints about project managers is that they do not communicate enough. This is important for functional managers because: they need to be aware of the schedule changes in order to align their resources according to the new schedule Pure project organization is suitable for: large projects because the project management methodology makes the project to be more efficient and effectively handled In any organization, you cannot use the following style
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