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The quality of an organization’s human resources begins with a strategic
perspective in management of recruitment
Recruitment: process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants starts:
identifying positions needed to be filled; stops: resumess/forms received
Recruiter: specialist in recruiting; finds and attracts potential employees
Employer Branding
Image or perception of organization beneficial to be employed byit
Branding includes experiences a candidate goes through while interacting with a
company throughout the recruitment process, including:
owhat candidates experience when they go to the company’s website
owhether HR sends an acknowledgement letter or email thanking each
candidate who sends in a résumé
ohow candidates are greeted by the receptionist when they make initial
contact by phone or in person
owhether the HR person who interviews candidates is a good spokesperson
who can articulate organization’s values and culture
three steps
1. define target audience, where to find them, what they want from
2. develop employee value proposition: why is organization unique to
work in and more attractive than other organizaions?
3. communicate the brand by incorporating value proposition into all
parts of recruitment process
The Recruitment Process
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