GMS 691 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Richard E. Nisbett, Motorola, Outsourcing

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Avg growth of asian economies 2005- 2011: 8. 54: number1: qatar 18. 7, number5 : china 9. 5, number13: india 7. 8, number 132: canada 2. 2, number 149: u. s. 1. 7% What makes east asia different: rapid growth. Rapid growth over the 30-40 years from singapore and south korean to china and india. South and east asia grown rapidly over latin america: large population. Largest population: japan, south korea, pakistan, india, china. Densest population: south korea, india, china: different business environment than that in the western countries. Rapid growth: asean (association of south east asian nations) ( indonesia, malaysia, philippines, thailand) 1999-2004, growth starting to fall off: 6. 2%-4. 9: china (including hong kong): doing well 8. 2% Japan doing tremendously in the 80"s but lost footing in the 90"s. Depreciation of the japanese currency, exports hit badly 7. 8%-0. 5: nies (newly industrialized economies) Singapore, south korea, taiwan 1. 1%-2. 7: comparison to european union & us.