GMS 724 Study Guide - Final Guide: Total Quality Management, Kaizen, Materials Management

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Supply chain: coordination of materials, information, and funds from initial raw material supplier to ultimate customer (supply chain is bigger) Key to making the global supply chain work is good information system. Companies rely more and more on information technology (it) to meet their needs: Quality: meeting or exceeding expectations of a customer. Conformance to specifications, value, fitness for use support (provided by the company), and. Zero defects refusal to tolerate defects of any kind idea perfected by japanese. Deming"s 14 points encompass the idea that the responsibility for quality resides within the policies. Improve leadership and practices of managers: create constancy of purpose, adopt a new philosophy, cease mass inspection, end awarding business son the basis of price tag, constantly improve the system. 7: drive out fear, break down barriers between departments, eliminate slogans, eliminate work standard, remove barriers to pride, institute education and self improvement, put everybody to work.