GCM 130 Study Guide - Final Guide: William Addison Dwiggins, Douglas Engelbart, Cai Lun

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Through the use of text images and symbols. Art/process of setting, arranging and designing type. Visual arrangement of elements on a printed page. First use of visual communication to convey ideas. Credited with invention of paper (artwork, writing) A special type of communicator, capable of taking ordinary words and images, and translating them into an inviting, meaningful and accessible message. Is to create a visual representation of information with a sense of order & Stay atop trends clarity that make it easier for the viewer to understand and learn new technologies, adapt as your clients need you to. (ex. Logos become smaller and recognizable off a symbol (ie heineken star) Create artwork that can be scaled infinitely ( vector artwork ), whereas photos can"t be. Ideal for creating logos, icons, and other graphics that need flexibility of being printed at various sizes ( client logos, packaging ) Pixel cannot be scaled without penalty;enlarging becomes blurry, shrinking becomes fuzzy.

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