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Graphic Communications
GRA 230
Chris Kular

Chapter One - Three Goals: Achieve Them and Win Business success derives from the ability to say what you do in the marketplace and then do what you say in the shop. Competent sales activity can be divided into 2 categories: Event-based o Event purchases such as buying cars, dinning room furniture, refrigerators, and other durable goods depend upon the successful conclusion of infrequent sales opportunities. o Because they are not frequently bought. Maybe once every decade. o Sales success depends on the salesperson closing deal right away. o They dont rely on business relationships between individuals. o They rely on critical things like brand names, location, and price. Relationship-based o The first transaction between a print buyer and a sales representative should be only the beginning of a relationship. o Because there are far more potential exists in the future than in the present. o Note: if the competition makes a mistake on a customers job, it may be to your advantage. o Losing the battle is never fun, but winning the war is the real goal. o Printers must win repeat business or face dire consequences in the future. o Print buyers are attracted by sales and promotional activities that emphasize reliability and value over the long haul. 3 Goals: o Goal 1: Win Top-Of-Mind Position o This means that if a key influencer needs what you provide, and your name immediately comes to mind, then you have won Top-Of-Mind market positioning. o Useful communication regularly delivered to key business people at carefully targeted companies is essential to win top- of-mind positioning. o Deploying a variety of marketing vehicles in conjunction with on-the-money sales efforts will keep your name on the tips of the tongues of important people in your marketplace. o Out of sight, out of mind is NOT good and can only be combated through regular contact. o Because many printers compete in job-shop environment, its difficult to forecast exactly when customers will have business opportunities. o The world has always been bombarded with marketing advertisements and unless you market your companys services effectively, you and your company will be quickly forgotten. o Fallen angel one that was once a market leader and now has fallen to a wannabe or has-been. Goal 2: Move the Battlefield Away From Price o Competing against other companies without moving the battlefield away from price means your printing services have achieved nothing more than commodity status. o In commodity product industries, tactics such as regular price specials, loss leader pricing, dumping, gimmick marketing, tie-ins, and discounting are the weapons of choice. o The business is founded on relationships and trust. If a print buyer trusts you enough to rest easily after giving you an important job, then youre succeeding. o Over the long run, price is rarely the true motivator driving purchases decisions. o Even though most print buyers pay a lot of lip service to low prices, their security depends on reliability, quality, and expertise not price. o If you move the sale away from price, earn a better margin, and develop more customer loyalty, then you can position your company as the safe choice. Goal 3: Create Irresistible Customer Relationships o You do not want your customers to buy out of habit but to buy out of loyalty. o A thriving service oriented business should have many customers saying things like: o Theyre the best printer we have o They bail me out of though jams o Theyve never let me down Top-of-mind: o When you win top-of-mind positioning, move the battlefield away from price, and become irresistible to your customers, business skyrockets. o Keep these goals in mind as you develop your sales and marketing efforts. o Remember: in the graphic arts industry, success isnt an event; its a relationship. Chapter Two: Is There Any Loyalty Out There? Information is more than half the battle. Your customers may be less loyal than you would like but, at least you can take steps to shore up your profitable accounts before a competitor identifies them as low-hanging fruit. Since it is cost effective to increase business with existing accounts, focus on growth. Increase your share of customers (SOC) by offering spectacular services. Ask what you can do better and, as long as the requests are remotely reasonable, comply with them. For example: If a top customer want your pre-flighting process to be smoother, listen to them and act. Its better to make improvements while theyre customers instead o later. Improvements is a multifaceted and never-ending process. o As your plant improves its services and quality, improve your marketing efforts. o Shower your customers with useful information. o Be a Teacher! o Catch your competitors napping: While the try to pry your accounts away Ccl lable Lamblelad Metro lable chapter 4 IQ charts Ideas and questions time management good behavior chapter 5 8 guiding principles o overcoming adversities in experience shy awkward to present o be optimistic successful people are usually optimistic o accepting change
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