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Graphic Communications
GRA 320
Art Seto

GRA 320 FINAL EXAM REVIEWfilm laminationthe process of bonding a thin transparent layer of film polypropylenpolyesteracetate or vinyl to the surface of one or two sides of a piece of paper or other stock or simply The process of bonding film onto a substrateis a hot and cold process we use hotmost films have a layer of adhesive that is activated by heat and applied under pressurewhat is film lamination commonly used on you askbusiness cards id cards playing cards menus posters maps bookmarks binders boxes slip cases dust jackets book coversWhy is film lamination commonly used you askBecause itprovides stiffness to a productadds a protective coating to prevent damage from handlingadds a glossmatte finishCoatedpaper rankingis used in place of other coatings like varnish aqueous uv1 cast coatedsmellslikesolvent glossiestshiniestspot or flood varnish smoothest sheet 2 Premium Supreme Glossprotects from liquids and uv rays3 C1sC2screates a dry erase wipe off boardWhAT FILm lamination methods exist you ask 1 Wet Method aqueous coating floodsolvents or water and adhesive is applied to the film as the film is applied to the substrate and is usually done by a machine via flood coating because it floods the entire sheetusually done with a machine no not like that2 Thermal method Spot UV coatinguses heat 250300 degrees f 275in class laminator to bond the film which has a preapplied glue to the stock via spot uvcoating that makes the filmextremely glossy shiny and does a better job than varnish The glue on the film is then heated and under pressure the filmgets attached to the substratevery durable hard to ripWhAT types of FILm lamination are there you askgloss mattedullsatindelusterrigidflexiblelayflatuv protectivefoodbio safeantimicrobialantibacterial environmentally safe superior grip antigraffiti clear mount 1 sided2 sided hotcold4 levels of matte the thicker the laminate the more rigidWhAT types of FILm lamination finishes are there you ask 1 GlossAdds shine and enhances colour 2 Matteadds a dull flat finish and keeps the colour truehas a verrry silky touch 3 delusteredverrry unique silky to touch recommended for singlesided lamination
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