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Graphic Communications
GRA 324
Vikraman Baskaran

6 Exam topics: Lab practices/safety 2 colour press run Instrumentation discussion Instrumentation procedures Paper weight calculations Printability/Runability/End Use Why do we fold wipers twice? To maximize usage of cloth Which ink tools should be washed with water: none Whats the basic sheet size of newsprint? 24x36 Basic size of bond paper? 17x22 In ink mixing test which paper gave more vibrant colour? Coated In print attributes text which printing process uses raised image carrier: flexography In ink mixing text what lighting is used: D50 lighting (D50 means 5000 degrees calvin, standardized colour of lighting) 12 thou is 12 points What are 2 processes of ink drying? First the ink sets into the paper then theres oxidative polymerization In
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