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GRA324 Exam Review

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Graphic Communications
GRA 324
Chris Kular

GRA324 BRIEF EXAM REVIEWDrying systemspress accessoriesshould improve automationefficiency so there are less downtime spoilage and reruns Powder Applicationused in conventional pressesincreased spray powdersandpaperlike texture Dryingvia infrared IFaccelerates the dryingsetting process fanhotair can reducing dryingsetting time by 12 paper porosity is a factorvia UV dryingcuring special unit on press needsUVinkscoating print enhancement via inlineor surface finishingiediecutting embossing coating to improve visual appearanceprotectionglossoptical effect gives a better look more attn frompeople special effectshave to understand product target audienceie fluorescent for track runners inline finishing includes perforation diecutting embossingie slitting in a pocket holder nonstop sheet feederuseful in improving efficiency saves time automation in print mediatop speed is 20000h in perfect conditionsaverage speed is 1214000 hrun length plays an important factorweb press does both sides washup proceduresautomatedPLATE CHANGING SHEET SIZEPAPER TRAVEL ADJUSTMENTchanging over of paper sizesplates are easier to mountINK FEED PRESETTING IN THE PRINTING UNIT INKDAMPENING SOLUTION SUPPLYscanner would send ink to ink zonesmechanical devices can feed inkdampeningsolutionautomaticallytothefountains paperpHisnecessary45isthetarget
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